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Tailored coaching which focuses on you and your personal and professional goals and ambitions. Confidential and at a pace to suit you.

Business Coaching

If you’d love to change careers or if your business is stuck in a rut – I can help. Share the load, clarify your goals and find a path to career success!

Personal Coaching

Whether you are coping with grief, want to break bad habits or simly need someone to share your thoughts with, together we’ll make it right

About Me

Hi, I’m Sophie – thank you for exploring the site!

I’m so lucky to have found a job – a calling really – which I love and which enables me to help people like you to feel as I do!

In 2007 I suffered a personal tragedy which sent me to a life coach and made me reassess everything about my life, my job and my future.

I learnt that it’s the hard time which make us who we are and that we can come out stronger, better and happier people.

Please do contact me for a friendly chat. There are no obligations attache dbut if we do work together I guarantee you confidentiality and no judgement.

As a member of the Life Coaching Guild I have 8 years of practical experience and hold a diploma in Practical Life Coaching and Life Coaching for Business Success.

I am here to help so please do get in touch today.

Sophie Jones

Sophie Jones

Life Coach & Owner at Elevate Coaching

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Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it

– Dennis P Kimbro